Why You Need To Visit Scottsdale Art Walk

Enjoying great works of artists is not only refreshing but provides an insight into the greater world of arts. Being among the leading global locations, the art walk in Scottsdale is a great location to enjoy this experience. The easy going open house exhibits works of art from Southwest’s outstanding artists and the word’s leading artists among them Dennis Ziemienski among others. With history dating back to over 40 years, art walk offers visitors an opportunity to learn and enjoy from the great works of art that feature different styles and cultures from around the world.

When to visit the art gallery

With the event referred to as “America’s Original Art walk”, it is opened to the public every Thursday. The event takes place between 7pm and 9 pm where both local and foreign tourists get an opportunity to take a walk through Scottsdale art gallery at own pace while enjoy the artworks exhibited. This arrangement is available all year round except during thanksgiving hence a chance to visit at a time of own convenience.

The Scottsdale Art Walk in Arizona

What to expect from the gallery

Scottsdale art galleries offer a wide range of excitements alongside arts creations. With a chance to take a stroll around the galleries to enjoy different artistic styles, dramatic statues punctuate the area making it delightful. The courtyards are covered with trees that provide a cool and welcoming atmosphere. Famed restaurants are also available where guests get a chance to enjoy delightful meals and drinks while taking the tour. The restaurants offer an opportunity to sample different cuisines from across the globe and a chance to enjoy an evening party with a loved one. Upon visiting, you also get a chance to enjoy a ride on the horse drawn carriages or trolleys that are always available from the parking area. Parking for visitors is available free of costs and offers optimum safety for your car as you take the walk.

Artworks available in the galleries

These art galleries offer a wide scope of work that covers different cultures and creative designs from around the globe. This includes contemporary cutting edge creations from the western culture, Native American subjects and southwest landscapes. Russian and African impressions are also available providing a great experience of different cultures which is not only a refreshing experience, but as well an opportunity to learn more on different traditions from around the globe.

Artists from around the glob also grace the place to exhibit their pieces. Featured as guests to different receptions at the galleries, an opportunity to interact and learn from their pieces is made available. For this reason, the walk depicts a mix of races and cultures that attracts tourist from all parts of the globe.

Where to find the galleries

Located in downtown Scottsdale, the Scottsdale art gallery is located along main street and Marshall Way. Otherwise referred to as Scottsdale arts district, it plays home to major galleries that offer the much sought after experience. The galleries operate under the umbrella Scottsdale Gallery Association (SGA). Events are planned for the entire evening where you get a chance to enjoy visits to different galleries at own convenience. This is done alongside a chance to enjoy the fabulous weather in Scottsdale area.

Works to find in the galleries

There is plenty to see from the galleries. From modern creations by upcoming local artists to great works of world’s famous ones, the list is endless. Among the notable artists whose work is available at the gallery is Dennis Ziemienski a world renown artist commonly referred to as the “artists doctor”. Other works includes collections from across the globe that features different cultures and expressions from the artists.

Art is an expression of ideas and may be used to serve many purposes among them education the population on certain aspects in life. It is for this reason that a visit to the gallery is important as it offers an opportunity to experience and learn from great minds who offers expressions in form of art. Scottsdale art walk is an all year round event that provides with such an opportunity alongside a chance to interact with the world’s greatest artists. This comes alongside a chance to pick collections from your favorite artists that you can save at your home as part of decoration or a gift to a loved one. Make a visit to the gallery and enjoy the rich collection at your own convenience while taking adequate time to see works of your favorite artists.